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We simply love Shoes!

Milaa is a brand of footwear and handbags, with a high level of design and strong expression, was created for all women who enjoy an elegant and authorial design with exclusivity, differential and comfort. In each collection it is possible to identify in the construction of the model, its precise lines, architectural forms and striking curves, main characteristic of the Milaa project. We cherish timelessness in Design with continuous models, without encapsulating them in a particular month, year and day, that adapt to the climate instability we live in and goes beyond the fashions and fleeting tendencies of the last few minutes. They are pieces based on a concept, a story to tell and a striking identity to express.


Quality and Design is what counts!

All models, from their form, materials to the color combinations, are exclusive and produced by qualified craftsmen, thus guaranteeing a limited number of pieces, as well as a meticulous quality control. The raw material is 100% Brazilian and all stages of the creative and productive processes of the brand are developed in Brazil. Seeking to understand the needs of the consumers, the products are elaborated very carefully for a very demanding public


The character of the brand!

The character Milaa was born along with the Milaa brand. She is inspired by the Brand Designer and is the personification and pure expression of the spirit of the brand: cheerful, modern, creative and with strong, striking and innovative style. She loves her black diamond ring, which is always completing her looks. That's why it has become a symbol, a brand that Milaa likes to hide in every corner of its products! Find out where your Black Diamond is! Also follow the daily life of Milaa on social networks! Run there!


Brazilian and Gaúcha!

Camila Alves, 26, Gaúcha, discovered at the Fashion Design College in São Paulo, her passion for Footwear and Bags. He dreamed, he projected, and as a first step of that dream, at the age of 21, he enrolled in the Graduate Course in Footwear and Stock Design at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design - and there he prepared to develop his project. In 2014, she was awarded the Student category with the Francal Top Styling Award in São Paulo, an award that, in order to launch new talent and encourage Brazilian creativity, is considered the most important in Latin America.


The winning model is now part of your collection. The Milaa brand is born, the dream of talented designer Gaila Camila Alves, who comes to the market with a new proposal, to meet the woman who wants a comfortable, quality, contemporary product, supported by a balanced aesthetic and timeless design.